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Wrapping up at TPT Bakery

For the past two weeks of my BasqueStage experience , I’ve been working at TPT, a bakery and coffee shop in Beasain.

the typically Basque print on the sign at the train station

It’s been a quite a change of pace from a  three Michelin star kitchen, but it’s been a welcome opportunity to focus on the craft of bread baking.

Loaves on the "suelo," the hearthstone of the oven

the entrance to TPT

I love baking bread, though my earlier attempts weren’t always successful. I remember a terrific failure with cheddar-dill bread; it should have been zesty and flavorful, but it was an unleavened, greasy mess.

Luckily, I’ve learned a thing or two since those early experiments. At TPT, I’ve been baking with a natural yeast mother, meaning we mixed water and flour together and just let it begin to ferment at room temperature.

Several loaves of "our recipe" bread, a hybrid that uses mostly natural yeast starter and a small amount of fresh baker's yeast for additional spring.

For six days, we stirred the mixture and allowed the yeast- naturally present in flours, many fruits, and even just in the ambient air- to get to work. With that natural ferment mixture, we baked breads ranging from artisan baguettes, to wide hearth levain, to super soft loaves that use grated potato in the dough.

Baguettes and levain made with our natural yeast starter

Cross-examination of the crumb on our loaves

rising Pan de Leche- a pillowy, sweet roll

finished Pan de Leche

Owner/baker Alazne Zuzunegi pulls baguettes from the oven.

There was also plenty of sweet baking, with brownies, almond-flour financiers, and orange cakes on my daily prep list.

Bizcocho de Naranja- an orange sponge cake made with whole orange rind and yogurt for a wonderfully bright taste

Thanks to Alazne, Marian, Mari Carmen, and Contxi for making me a part of the bakery!

Next up: Solana 4, a vinoteca and small plates restaurant in Tolosa. Stay tuned for shots from behind the pintxos bar…

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