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Video from Martin Berasategui

Last month, a team of photographers and videographers documented life at Martin Berasategui.

The finished video features: servers polishing wine glasses in the dining room; Martin joking around with the staff; ingredients and cooking techniques; and oh yeah- yours truly.

It was recently posted on the redesigned MB website, but unfortunately I’m not able to embed it directly in my blog.

Click here to see the video. Scroll half way down; it’s on the right hand side.

Some highlights include:

:10 Landscape shot of the restaurant. I took this photograph several weeks ago from the lower set of windows.

The cameraman would be standing on that hillside

1:17 Pablo Ponce, whom I interviewed for this blog last week, kneads cinnamon cookie dough.

2:15 Panorama shot of the Ensalada tibia, also described on this blog several weeks ago

2:35 My big moment: Maria and I temper chocolate for the ganache tart

3:08 Several shots of this Salmon tartare amuse bouche appear.

Salmon tartare, caviar, wakame salad with cucumber jelly and pickled spring onions.

3:19 Hot oil basting the Salmonete dish, which I shot for this blog back when I was working on the Fish station.

The video shows exactly how to achieve crispy edible scales.

Sure, working in a restaurant is not always this glamorous, but sometimes- especially in a video this polished- it is. I often focus only on my station, my mise en place. Yet, as I watched and listened to bustle of the kitchen, I was reminded of the bigger picture. I was reminded again why I love to cook.

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