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Vocab List, Pastry Edition

Now that I’m working on the Pastry station at Martin Berasategui, I’m learning a whole new set of vocabulary. This list differs completely from the previous vocab list I wrote about Pescados, so hopefully future BasqueStages can use both blogs as helpful cheat sheets when they arrive in the kitchen.


Abatidor Blast chiller, freezes at -37˚C!!
Bandeja Tray, as in a wooden cafeteria tray for mise en place or a small metal tray to deliver components to the pass
Bayeta Chammy cloth used for wiping down dirty surfaces, drying dishes, or cleaning spills.
Biberón Squeeze bottle, used for chocolate sauce, mint spheres and apple compote
Bombones Small chocolate confections or truffles
Cachi (short for cacharro) Plastic six-pan in which granizados are kept
Chaira Steel for sharpening knives
Congelador Regular freezer, where we store ice creams, puff pastry and soufflés
Cremat Mille-feuille of smoked eel, foie gras and caramelized apple
Deshidratadora Dehydrator used to make apple chips for the hojaldre dessert
Estropajo Dishwashing sponge (very important word because we do all dishes on station rather than bring them to a dish pit)
Espatulita Offset spatula
Espesante Thickeners, such as Agar Agar for the cucumber geleé or cornstarch
Granizado Granité, which we freeze in the blast chiller and then grind using a cold metal grater. This process produces a really fine ice chip.
Harina Flour (we also use a lot of harina de almendra, almond flour)
Hojaldre Puff pastry
Horno Oven
Huevas de Trucha Caviar, used on the Salmon amuse bouche
Lengua Rubber spatula, literally “tongue” 😉
Liquadora Juicer used to juice baby cucumbers for the geleé
Manga Piping bag, pastry bag
Mantequilla Butter
Nata Cream (nata montada– whipped cream, Chantilly– sweetened whipped cream)
Nevera Refrigerator
Pasta de almendra Almond paste, used to make an almond foam for amuse bouche
Placa Baking sheet, more closely shaped like a hotel pan lid than an American-sized sheet tray
Rasqueta / cornete Bowl scraper
Regla Ruler, used to measure perfectly cubed cinnamon cookies
Rejilla Oven rack
Rotulador Sharpie
Soplete o quemador Torch used to caramelize sugar on top of Cremat
Tijeras Scissors
Turbinar helado To churn ice cream
Varilla Whisk
A toda hostia On the fly, as fast as you can
Cuando puedas Whenever you can
____ al pase Bring ____ to the pass, i.e. manga al pase would be a request for a “piping bag to the pass.” Since set up of the pastry station is divided in two by a large work table, those behind the work table will pass items from the refrigerator or the freezer forward to the pass. It often reminds me of an operating room, where a doctor puts his hand out and says “Scalpel.”
Recuperando… “Put this item back in its place,” whenever those at the pass are done with the item requested
Sin miedo “Without fear,” what I was told several times when I was first tempering chocolate because I was being timid with how I spread the chocolate on the marble to cool.


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    March 14, 2012

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