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Selby’s Got a Sweet Tooth

Elisha and I enjoyed lunch today with the BasqueStage crew at the Fronton de Tolosa, a local restaurant renowned for its perfectly cooked alubias (reddish black beans) and morcilla (blood sausage). Yes, the beans and sausage were delicious, but I thought the desserts stole the show.

Maybe I’m spending all my time in the Pastry kitchen these days, so I notice a well-executed dessert. Or maybe I just have an incorrigible sweet tooth.

The point is- the winter fruit compote (figs, apples, and raisins slow-cooked in wine), the arroz con leche (slightly over-cooked rice in cinnamony-sweet cream) and the roasted apple with yogurt ice cream all had me wishing that I had gone a little lighter on the beans and bread.

Compota de Invierno and Arroz Con Leche

Gorgeous manzana asada con helado de yogurt

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