eat. write. smile.

– three things I love to do. Come with!

Writing in Chocolate

This week I changed stations from Pescados to Pasteleria. After two months on the fish station, I felt like it was time to move to a new environment in the Martin Berasategui kitchen.

Not long after starting in the pastry kitchen, an interesting assignment presented itself: to write a Happy Anniversary wish on a cake. Our Chef de Partie Juan asked if anyone was up to the task; I was the only one of the thirteen stagiaires who knew how to write in chocolate. Thanks to my Baking and Pastry class at CIA-Greystone with Chef Stephen Durfee, I have a pretty good understanding of how to make paper cones and fill them with melted chocolate.

I practiced writing the message a couple times in Spanish; I realized my penmanship was quite rusty, but it would have to do. Then, the chefs decided it would be better to write the message in Euskera, a language with a tendency towards long words filled with Z’s and R’s. Juan brought the chocolate glace mousse cake over to me and said, “It’s the moment of truth. There’s only one.” My hands were shaking a bit as I wrote in white chocolate, and I could hear Chef Durfee telling me to let the chocolate fall out of the paper cone, rather than dragging it. I think it turned out alright, not perfect, but passable.

The evolution of my assignment

Juan then topped the cake with two candles and caramel decorations, and sent it off to the dining room. I hope the guests enjoyed it!

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