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Preview: Calçotada in Altafulla

This past weekend, the BasqueStage crew hit the road for what I’ve been calling Spring Break Spain 2K12. We road-tripped from the Pais Vasco to Catalunya for a calçotada, a traditional feast that involves calçots (a kind of spring onion, charred on an open flame), romescu sauce, porrons full of wine and lots of fun with new friends.

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Later, I’ll write more about the tradition of the calçotada, the way in which the calçot onions are cultivated and the different ways to enjoy the resulting food fest. For the moment, I just wanted to share some highlights from an amazing weekend in the beach town of Altafulla.  Thank you to the Glutton Club and a cool Catalan crew of calçot lovers. Gràcies!


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