eat. write. smile.

– three things I love to do. Come with!

Hike to Buruntza

On Monday, Elisha and I decided to take advantage of a sunny day off from the restaurant.  We went for a beautiful hike up to Buruntza, a local peak just between Lasarte-Oria and the neighboring town Urnieta.

Starting out. We eventually had lunch at the peak.

We were in need of fresh air, and fresh air was what we got.  Long hours in a restaurant can make you crazy. Clashing personalities, immature dramas and strictly hierarchical customs can distract from the real reason we’re here: to cook great food and to experience the Pais Vasco in all its beauty.

Yes, it's actually this green here.

This long walk on a bright winter morning cleared our heads like nothing else could. We were out of breath, as much from laughing at our own antics as from the gain in elevation.

It was a little muddy in some parts. Gives you an idea of how much it rains here.

We saw pigs, sheep, and three marvelous hawks who circled our picnic site at the summit. Shin-deep in cold mud on the descent, we practiced newly-learned Spanish curse words.

Elisha's go-to pose

Getting up there...

Follow the yellow wood signs...

Panoramic shot of surrounding area. It was breathtaking how clear the sky was.

I’m lucky to have a roommate who loves the outdoors as much as I do. I’m lucky to live in such a wonderful area so I can play under the sun on my days off from the restaurant.  Now I need to go hose off my shoes…

Spring hikes = muddy shoes.

Team BasqueStageRound3- you know it!

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