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Quick Pic: Saint-Jean-de-Luz

Today Elisha and I took the train into France to see the Pays Basque beach city of Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Since it’s February and freezing cold, we were mostly alone on the beach and on our strolls along the coast. We stocked up on French ingredients, confections and conserves: Caramels au Beurre Sale; Macarons; Gateau Basque au Chocolate; Fromage and more fromage; baguettes; Rilletes de Thon; and a pair of gloves because it was 2 degrees Celcius all day. I loved to see menus in French, and it made me so happy to spend some time in the sunshine. Lovely day. Feeling pretty lucky to be here.

One comment on “Quick Pic: Saint-Jean-de-Luz

  1. Jen @ LitasWorld
    February 8, 2012

    such a beautiful clear day!! i love it!! keep warm…enjoy!

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