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More from the Greystone Garden

A little over a year ago, I wrote about our student garden. At the time, I was just falling in love with gardening and growing our own food. Fast forward one year: our two acre plot on the Napa River is bursting with produce, thanks to the hard work of a core group of students who love cooking and working under the California sun.

Easter Egg Radishes

Summer Squash Zucchini with blossoms

Jack weighs a boatload of Padron peppers in our school purchasing department

Yours truly, with a snakeskin shedding from our garden snakes, Frank and Gina.

Today’s ridiculous late-summer haul, with over 150 pounds of tomatoes, 30 pounds of pears, 20 pounds of figs and zucchini, apples and basil to boot.

Our garden manager Dianne, with Lucas and pup Bruce.

Left: Harvesting San Marzano tomatoes as the sun comes up over Saint Helena.

Last year’s blog post about my love for the garden included more words, more reflection, more poetic waxing. Those emotions run deep for me, and I still love the garden even as it takes up more and more of my time.

This year, rather than writing so much, I’m actually spending every afternoon there. The best thing is- our kitchens at school are using all the produce. And we’re shortening the food supply chain, one tub of heirloom tomatoes at a time.

Special thanks to Dianne Martinez, Jack Gingrich, Adam Burke, Caitlin Henriksen, and all the Greystone students who work to keep the student garden growing.

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