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Tip of the Day: Keeping the Kitchen Utensil Drawer Organized

After yesterday’s post about using metal skewers to test the internal temperature of meat, I realized I don’t have any metal skewers at home. I popped into our school library to look into reviews or recommended types of skewers to buy, and I found another interesting tip in a back-issue of Cooks Illustrated magazine.

Stick your metal skewers into an old wine cork. The cork will keep the sharp tips away from your fingers when you’re looking for something else in the utensil drawer, and your set of skewers will stay together. Your skewer tips will stay sharp too, which means they’ll slide into vegetables and meat cubes easier when it comes time for that summer barbecue. This trick will also work with the tips of small paring knives or steak knives that don’t have a handy storage case.

I guess I didn’t really find out which skewers to buy or where to buy them, but when I eventually do get them, I’ll know how to store them!

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