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Tip of the Day: Peeling Eggs

If you like healthy protein on the run, hard-boiled eggs are hard to beat. They provide an instant kick of energy, suppress hunger with their high protein content, and are pretty easy to toss in a pocket for later.

However, hard-boiled eggs that are several hours removed from boiling (or have been sitting in the fridge for a while) can be really annoying to peel. The shell breaks into little bits, sticking to the egg white with confounding persistence. Our breakfast buffet here at the CIA includes hard-boiled eggs, and I have spent the last several mornings picking at eggshells for a longer time than I would like.

So I asked a chef instructor, and I learned that a quick hot water bath followed by a cold water dunk will recreate the last minutes of boiling, and thus tell the eggshell to release its desperate, clinging hold.

You’re at work, you say, and don’t have a stove-top laying around? A cup of hot coffee (don’t worry, the coffee won’t flavor your snack, the shell is still on!) and a cup of water is really all you need. It’s the temperature change that will help you peel that egg.

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