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Culinary Confidential- On campus

Last week I visited the Greystone Campus of the CIA, my new home come January.

I had never been to the town of St. Helena, so this trip filled in a lot of gaps in my mind. The downtown strip is filled with old bookstores, overpriced women’s clothing boutiques that also sell $20 bars of soap (crazy, right?), and a yummy diner with a long table urging guests to share space with others.

After visiting the dorms, I quickly decided I will live off campus in a house I found a few blocks from school and a few blocks from the town center. I think I’m just too old for dorm life. A note on the dorm kitchen said “Closed until further notice. I told you guys to keep this space clean. -RA” Enough said.

This trip really heightened my excitement about starting school. The Wine Spectator Restaurant where I will finish my training next year serves great food. While I would recommend skipping the pumpkin empanadas, don’t miss the prosciutto-wrapped ling cod- UNREAL good.

The campus is worthy of a Travel + Leisure magazine spread. When my mom and I walked into the main building, the castle in the background of this photo, I felt almost inconsequential, lucky to be there, belittled even. The towering entryway, the three-feet-thick walls, the three meter wine barrels in the Napa Valley Wine Makers’ Hall of Fame: all of it was simultaneously inspiring and humbling. I may be able to cook a nice dinner, I might nail some homemade English muffins from scratch, but I ain’t shit just yet.

I always feel like I have more to write, more to say, but it’s getting late and I think I need some sleep. I’ll keep my conclusion brief: I’m two months out, and I’m pumped!

2 comments on “Culinary Confidential- On campus

  1. liskorb
    November 24, 2009

    wow… looks like you're in Italy. Can't wait to come visit! I hear the wines are not half bad in that town either…

  2. Julianne
    November 24, 2009

    I am INSANELY jealous AND so excited for you!!!!!! Congrats ruthie you knowww i'll be visiting you xoxoxoxoxo

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